2010 Submissions

The Mystery of the Ghosts The Mystery of the Ghosts Rated Stars Sherlock and Watson get a call... Comedy - Parody Mario!! Mario!! Rated Stars It's Mario Comedy - Original Glitch City Glitch City Rated Stars MissingNo transforms the glitch! Comedy - Parody Pikachu Pikachu Rated Stars Pikachu get taken! Comedy - Parody The Computer!! The Computer!! Rated Stars Ash has too many Pokemon and has to put away to the Computer! Comedy - Parody April Fools! April Fools! Rated Stars April Fools! Informative Eggies Egg Reegger Eggies Egg Reegger Rated Stars Beware: Contains eggs Comedy - Parody Saving Private Ryan Saving Private Ryan Rated Stars Private Ryan must make a shooting of the cans, but much the failure! Comedy - Parody Losing the Magics Losing the Magics Rated Stars lol wat Comedy - Parody Pikachu's Umbrella Pikachu's Umbrella Rated Stars Stealing is wrong Drama Ibby's Eversion Regorer Ibby's Eversion Regorer Rated Stars EversionoisrevE Experimental Gobbies Silent Restorer Gobbies Silent Restorer Rated Stars Silent Ibby Action No More Restorer No More Restorer Rated Stars bobby Informative IbbyClock's Tick Regainer IbbyClock's Tick Regainer Rated Stars WAT TIEM IZ IT IBZ? Comedy - Original Slippy's Horse Restorer Slippy's Horse Restorer Rated Stars FOX THERE'S HAIR RESTORER ON MY TAIL Action Fortran's Beep Regrapher Fortran's Beep Regrapher Rated Stars Push START to RICH Action Ibby's Atari Restorer Ibby's Atari Restorer Rated Stars Ibby's Atari adventure! Experimental ChrisChan's Gay Remover ChrisChan's Gay Remover Rated Stars JULLAAAAY Informative Ibberdilly's Phat Redoper Ibberdilly's Phat Redoper Rated Stars Crunk fo mofo fo' shizzle Comedy - Parody NurseJoys PokémonRestorer NurseJoys PokémonRestorer Rated Stars -N%u2588%u255A{%u255A Comedy - Parody Ibski's Hair Restorer Ibski's Hair Restorer Rated Stars One man's fight for hair Drama Andrews Face Deformer Andrews Face Deformer Rated Stars If this gets through NG then the WHOLE FREAKIN SYSTEM IS OUTTA ORDER Drama Iggy's Pop Restorer Iggy's Pop Restorer Rated Stars The Epic Saga continues Informative Floppie's Care Reforer Floppie's Care Reforer Rated Stars Floppie's Care Reforer, part 3 of a 10000 part epic Comedy - Original Slobbies Pear Disorder Slobbies Pear Disorder Rated Stars Why does this exist Drama